About the system

The Electronic Payment System gives you the opportunity to make online payments charged for the state duties, local duties, the administrative fines or services provided by state and local self-government bodies.

You can make a payment using your ArCa or MasterCard payment cards or MobiDram account as well as your PayPal account for consular services.

The payments are classified into 4 groups: State duties, service fees, consular services fees, fines and taxes. These in turn contain subsections through which the user can more easily find the necessary payment type.

The system accepts payments (ex. Property taxes, land taxes, garbage fee, etc.) for the administrative districts of Yerevan as well as Gyumri and Vandzor cities. Later the system will also include other communities of Republic of Armenia.

The Armenian citizens living in foreign countries and citizens of other countries are also given the opportunity to make payments for the provision of consular services (ex. Receipt of passport, visa acquisition, etc.).

The system is operated by the Ministry of Finance.